Moinho do Cu Torto
Traditional restaurant with excellent food. Small menu, but everything is local and good. It’s near a wind mill, which you can visit. Parking just in front.
Good for kids, with a pateo in front where they can run.
  OUR CHOICE: Alentejo tomato soup
Telephone: 266.771060
Contact: Mr. Ludgero
Average price: 17/20€
Closed at holidays.


Botequim da Mouraria
Very original place, where you eat at the bar, chatting to other visitors. The owners are the waiter and cook. Only 14 places. Not recommended for children.
  OUR CHOICE: Everything it’s excellent
Telephone: 266.746775
Contact: Mr. Domingos Lameira
Average price: 25/30€
Closed at Saturday for dinner and Sunday.


Adega Típica Quarta–feiraTypical restaurant decorated with clay wine pots. No menu. You eat what they bring you. It’s always good. It’s an emotional experience!   OUR CHOICE: you can’t choose, Mr. Zé is the one who decides!
Telephone: 266.707530
Contact: Mr. José Dias
Average price: 20€
Closed at Sunday and Monday for lunch


Café Alentejo
In the historical centre, near the main square. Nice architecture, very good food. Good for kids.
  OUR CHOICE: Ox tail in red wine
Telephone: 266.706296
Contact: Rita
Average price: 18/25€
Closed at Sunday and holidays.


D. Joaquim
Very nice place with excellent food and classic service. A bit too chic for children. Well worth it the price!
  OUR CHOICE: Partridge
Telephone: 266.731105
Contact: Joaquim
Average price: 20/30€
Closed at Sunday for dinner and Monday.


Three very pleasant rooms, one decorated with clay pots. A modern project in an old building. Excellent illumination. It’s simply pleasant to be there. The menu it’s original, you can even challenge the “Chef” (24h in advance)! Very good food. A must.
  OUR CHOICE: Hunting sausage with greens and lemon mousse and hazelnut cassata
Telephone: 266.706373
Contact: Raul Sousa Dias
Average price: 22/30€
Closed at Sunday for dinner and Monday.


O Fialho
Guaranteed to be good, probably the most famous restaurant in town. Up market.
  OUR CHOICE: Partridge and lamb
Telephone: 266.703079
Contact: Gabriel Fialho
Average price: 35€
Closed at Monday

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