Évora is best visited on foot. Forget the maps and orientations. Just follow your instincts.
Discover the alleys and side streets, windows and balconies, the whitewash typical houses and the relaxing atmosphere.
There are many places that you must visit, some mentioned in the guide books, some not. Talk to us for recommendations.
Here are some suggestions:


  • Walk through the Aqueduct Street (Rua do Cano).
  • Visit the Roman Temple area, and go inside the Lóios Chapel.
  • As you’re here, have a drink at the Diana Garden, and watch life go by, or at the Jardim do Paço for a fancy environment.
  • Go down the 5 de Outubro Street and visit the store “Monte Sobro”.  At the same street, further down, find the “Alforge”. Local products at good price.
  • Go to the market on Saturday or Sunday in the morning and chat with the local farmers. Try to ask how the Beldroegas soup it’s done, for example.
  • Taste the “s” cookies from the Pau de Canela pastry!
  • Have a “queijada de Évora” – cottage cheese cake.
  • Taste a conventual “pastel de nata” at the Camões pastry.
  • Lunch and dinner at the restaurants that we suggest, where we always eat well!
  • Take the kids to the park.
  • Eat some snails with toasts at the end of the day –A “must” in the summer.
  • Visit the “Oficina da Terra” store, nearby the “Praça do Sertório”, where Tiago and Magda give life to the clay that becomes funny sculptures, coloured and original!

And walk around with no destiny. Look up to find the balconies, the Manueline style windows and the treasures and secrets that are only found by those who have the curiosity to look!

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